Look at you

Really look at you

A woman of value a woman of grace

No matter what you go through 

Yesterday’s troubles are left behind

Starting each day fresh and anew 

Steady is your pace as you focus your mind

Life is for living so you embrace each day

Taking time to give thanks and pray

To some you are mum, daughter and wife

To others you are sister, auntie and cousin

To you you are you as you celebrate life

From innocent child with unquestioning faith

Using your creativity as your gifts unfold

You have a hope and a future the Lord saith

You emanate warmth and radiate beauty

You carry your light within and around 

With high integrity you fulfil you duty

Displaying such elegance as you your feet touch the ground

The biggest of smiles as you nurture and care 

Humble and confident you wear your crown


Copyright © 2020 [Lola Hylton]. All Rights Reserved.

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