About Me

Marcia is a certified coach & Women’s Transformational Workshop Facilitator and Educator specialising in recovery and emotional resilience after narcissistic abuse and other toxic relationships. Marcia herself is a survivor of domestic violence and narcissistic abuse and knows how important building resilience is in aiding recovery.

As a recovery coach, Marcia draws not only on her specialist coaching skills but also on her experience as a survivor. Marcia is all about supporting women who are finding their way home to themselves, after narcissistic abuse, knowing they are enough just as they are, helping women to explore what it means to be ‘Free to be me’ and to live life authentically and on purpose.


“There are times in our lives when we, as women, just know when things need to drastically change.”


So many of us know what it feels like to feel we are not enough, to think change is not possible for us. Feelings of overwhelm, filling everyone else’s basket but our own. Perhaps you feel tired, frustrated and exhausted. Fear and anxiety keeping you stuck in relationships that no longer serve you. You have dreams but believe that’s all they ever will be…just dreams…You want more. But change is scary!

Does any of this sound familiar? Are you longing for change but don’t know how to go about it?

I can help you…

Free To Be Me is a workshop is designed to help you take action to change your life, help you work out what you need to change, and heal from what stops you from making a better future. 

I’d be honoured to journey forward with you as you take brave and courageous steps to transform your life.

Time to re-define yourself, re-make your life and move forward into a beautiful new season.  Know that you are enough!

Would you like to know how I can help?

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