Director at Life Inspired Wellness LTD

Through my coaching programs and online courses, I help women with personalised tools and strategies they need to break free from unhealthy relationships and journey towards recovery.

Best Selling Author: In the Pursuit of Fearless Living

I help women break free from the pattern of toxic relationships and help them create new ones.

Women's Business Club Leeds Coffee and Coworking Leader

Network and create new connections with like minded women in business to scale, improve, and grow both in business and personal life.


I’m Marcia

I’m a survivor of narcissistic abuse. These days I’m a Women’s Transformational Workshop Facilitator and Educator specialising in recovery and emotional resilience after narcissistic abuse. I know how hard it is to heal from such devastating trauma and I care deeply for those of you who are hurting and need help to heal those wounds. 

What I Do

Group Coaching

Free to Be Me Group coaching programme is an 8-week programme designed to help you break free from the patterns of abusive relationships and create healthy new relationships with yourself and with others for the future…

30-Day Breakfree 1-1 Programme

This programme is for those looking for flexible and personal coaching. Over the 30 days of the programme, I will give you personalised tools to help you break free from narcissistic and other toxic relationships and start you on the road to recovery and the bright future that awaits you…

30 Day Online/Email Course Breaking Free From a Narcissistic Relationship

30 minute personal break free call with me…


"I felt so understood, safe and supported in my session with her, and I believe partly my transformation was exactly because she was able to create that space for me. At the end of the session my mind was clear, I had a clear vision for the future, I felt liberated, empowered and I was feeling joy for no apparent reason.."


"Thank you, Marcia, for accompanying me in the process of self-discovery to make my whole world of ideas tidier and more organized, and to guiding me through picking my battles in order to define next steps

JL Spain

"Marcia's coaching really helped me to think on a deeper level about what I truly wanted out of my business. Marcia listened intently and was able to guide me to the answers I already had within me. I was able to look at my fear factors, think outside the box and know that I've got this."


"Marcia made me realise that I wasn't going crazy, and there was nothing wrong with me and gave me the tools to look at the situation and that gave me clarity to move away from this narcissist relationship as it wasn’t serving me. The work l have done with you has given me the confidence to believe in myself to love myself, it has been very traumatic and disturbing, Now I have a larger vision, l am a lot happier with me."



Blessed Woman
Blessed Woman

Look at you Really look at you A woman of value a woman of grace No matter what you go through  Yesterday's troubles are left behind Starting each day fresh and anew  Steady is your pace as you focus your mind Life is for living so you embrace each day Taking time to...

12 Signs That You’re Doing Better Than You Think
12 Signs That You’re Doing Better Than You Think

It’s not unusual for us at times to think we’re doing worse than we actually are. Yes some of us are just pessimistic, but progress especially after coming out of a toxic relationship can also be hard to see sometimes unless you’re looking in the right places for it....

3 Signs You May Be In A Relationship With A Narcissist
3 Signs You May Be In A Relationship With A Narcissist

Narcissism is a word that’s become popular in recent times to describe anyone who is a bit self-absorbed. You only have to look to social media to see how as a society narcissistic tendencies have increased and the word ‘Narcissist’ gets thrown about frequently....


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